2025 CDIO International Working Meeting

Wednesday, October 22, 2025 - 18:00 to Thursday, October 23, 2025 - 18:00
Lecturer / Speaker: 
CDIO Worldwide

The 2025 CDIO International Working Meeting will be hosted by Linköping University. The International Working Meeting is an active meeting, where different current CDIO tasks and activities are worked on. Typically, the topics are related to the CDIO activity plan, but other important themes may be worked on as well.

NOTE: Due to a technical error the time and date shown might be incorrect (depending which timezone you are visiting the website from). The correct starting date is Wednesday October 22nd and the correct end date is Thursday October 23rd. The disregard the time of day shown on this page, refer instead to the external website for the event.

Linköping University, Mäster Mattias väg
58183 Linköping
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Svante Gunnarsson
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