CDIO welcomes two new schools, region Asia

CDIO council has accepted two new schools in region Asia as members of the worldwide CDIO collaborative. 

Batangas State University - The National Engineering University
What goals do you hope to achieve? 
The College of Engineering would like to achieve CDIO membership and take the lead in CDIO implementation in the Philippines’ Higher Education Institutions offering Engineering programs. Being declared as “The National Engineering University”, it is our mandate to promote excellence in Project-based learning through CDIO and help other HEIs implement CDIO in their Engineering programs.

Politeknik Negeri Batam
What goals do you hope to achieve? 
The goal that we hope to achieve is to increase Polibatam's ability to organize an education system that is able to develop graduates who are not only proficient in theory and practice, but also have the ability to innovate, be adaptive, dynamic, flexible, work in multidisciplinary teams and contribute to society and the environment.

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